Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 14, 2017

The easiest way to tackle Valentine’s day is to go with the red roses and a heart box filled with chocolates route. Perhaps even a shopping spree. Most people that I’ve talked to are completely lost on what to get their loved one. Here’s what I think, we can all do a little better than that. Okay, a lot. Yes, it’s probably been every young girl’s dream to have her crush surprise her with a bouquet of roses, candy and a teddy bear at some point in her life but as we grow older I believe that we can be more creative than that. Now the shopping spree is not a terrible option depending on how you go about it…It was a less than ideal scenario for me to the most unfortunate power I am sad to say. A shopping spree may be something that you want to have on the back burner though and perhaps save for a birthday or a just because surprise day. My point is that you want your loved one to feel special and different from all of the others, and to have a reason to brag about you (not that they don’t already have many reasons). Everyone gets flowers. Everyone gets candy. I work in a women’s clothing store, so I see a ton of people get shopping sprees. Valentine’s day should stop being a hectic, miserable, forced, questionable holiday yet predictable, and it should be an easy going, relaxing day with your special person. I have put together a list for both genders, so I hope this helps anyone that is stumped on what to do.

For The Lady In Your Life

Sporty – Always on the prowl -Tornado Shaker, Running Shoes, Sports Bra, Leggings, Selfie Stick, Fitbit Tracker

Posh – She likes nice things – Pandora bracelet, Michael Kors purse and/or wallet, Fossil Watch, Shoes

Baby – She’s such a sweetheart – Too Faced – Sweet Peach (It’s makeup. A gorgeous eye palette. It even smells like peaches!!), Tagline necklace, Spa Day, Aloe Infused Fuzzy Socks, Lush Cosmetics, Candle(s)

Scary – She is bold – Animal prints, Polaroid Camera, Choker necklace, Perfume, Makeup, Sunglasses, Concert Tickets

Ginger – She’s crazy but fun – A bottle of her favorite type of any alcohol (doesn’t have to be wine), Wine glasses, Helicopter tour, Underwater Digital Camera, Experience with cute animals (Baby tigers, seals, swimming with dolphins, etc.)

In case you were confused, I used the Spice Girls as the categories as well as spongebob characters down below.

For The Man In Your Life

Spongebob – He lives in a pineapple under the sea and loves to explore – A Tackle box filled with his favorite candies, Sandals, Boat shoes, Fishing Equipment, Running Shoes, Tent, Camping equipment, State park membership (Now he can rent his kayaks for free or discounted), Tervis Tumbler or Thermos, A hat, GoPro, Experience with a race car driver

Squidward – He is passionate about his craft/hobbies/relaxing – Beer, Make him a mixed cd, Equipment for his favorite hobby, Sunglasses, T-shirt(s)

Patrick – He lives under a rock – Amazon Fire Stick, Game(s) for his most used gaming system, A funny coffee mug, Pen that draws in 3D

Mr. Crabs – Mr. Moneybags. He has everything he could ever want at the tip of his fingers. You never know what to get him. – Sometimes you just have to ask him, A package deal that the two of you can enjoy together, A watch, Dress shirt(s), Have his Car/Truck/SUV detailed inside and out, Cologne, Amazon Echo

I like the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” so don’t rule out baking! You can bake him or her something sweet like cookies, cupcakes, cake, brownies either from scratch or the box. If you’re not a true baker you can try a no-bake recipe. Pinterest is a life saver, so do your research. If your loved one doesn’t like sweets, you can also make a nice meal for lunch or dinner. No matter how it turns out they should really appreciate your efforts in the kitchen.

Sometimes work gets in the way and we have to celebrate Valentine’s day before or after the actual day. If your loved one is working on Valentine’s day and you can’t really spend time with them, you can always send takeout. I don’t know about you, but there is just something sexy about a man, I’m thinking he has one of those ‘Dad-bods,’ walking into my work with a box of pizza, calling my name, and I just look at him all confused and I say “but I didn’t order this,” and he says “it’s been taken care of. Someone ordered this for you,” and then he just smiles and hands me the box with my heart shaped extremely cheesy pizza and maybe some garlic knots and a bottle of soda. Yup. I said it. It would be epic and amazing. What does your loved one crave? There are delivery services now that will even pick up from restaurants that do not deliver. You read that correctly. It’s real. So, let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them when you are nowhere near them. I love when I get to work with my store manager on Valentine’s day because her hubs always sends a variety of chocolate covered strawberries and she lets me have one (they are amazing), and two if I’m really good. Haha

Just a friendly reminder: Any activity or gift mentioned above is not subjected to any one gender or personality. Feel free to mix and match! And as always, have fun!

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