Unboxing: Fab Fit Fun Fall 2017 Box

November 14, 2017

Get ready for the ultimate “Mystery Box.” I see that the latest trend on social media is to go on eBay and Amazon and purchase anywhere between $20 to I’ve seen $950 on these extravagant “Mystery Boxes,” only to find that heart-wrenching, dream-crushing feeling of not getting nearly what one paid for. I have yet to be disappointed by Fab Fit Fun. I have whole-heartedly loved everything about these boxes, from the designs on the boxes, to the gentle packaging, to the quality of the products and not to mention they are full-sized products, everything. I highly recommend! It makes a great gift for someone, or several gifts for several people or a wonderful treat for yourself! Soooo, what the heck are you waiting for?

Need I say more??


This beautiful box of goodies totals $377.50!! I paid $50!!

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This is basically Christmas in a box…

Still not convinced??

Here’s what I got this round:

**Sponsored Item: Cottonelle – FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths**

Deco Miami – Lavender Cuticle Oil

Retail Value $12.50

Mytagalongs – Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Retail Value $15.00

Trestique – Matte Color & Shiny Lip Crayon

Tuscan Wine

Retail Value $28.00

IMM Living – Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder

Retail Value $33.00

Dphue – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Retail Value $35.00

Whish Beauty – Renewing Mud Mask

Retail Value $48.00

The Jetset Diaries – Cable Knit Beanie

I really need this right now in this Indiana fall weather! Perfect Timing! Perfect Color!

Retail Value $49.00

Private Party – Gym Bag

Gym and Juice! Love this denim bag!

Retail Value $59.00

Mer-Sea Co. – Scarf

Retail Value $98
It’s the coziest!

I repeat, this box is worth $377.50. I paid $50.
It’s time to stop getting manipulated by these fake “Mystery Boxes.” This is the real deal. Save yourself from the heartache!

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