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April 2, 2017

Hello April!! As you may know or may not know I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I can’t help it and I’m not really sorry. I have tried many of those monthly subscription boxes and I have reviewed a few of my most recent and some favorites.

Fab Fit Fun

I love Fab Fit Fun so much! It is a seasonal box which is such a tease because you only get four a year! I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning every time I open one of these bad boys. They have the best products! You basically get $200+ worth of products for $49.99. When you sign up for the first time you get a $10 off on your first box. There are select time periods in which you can choose add-on products to your box. So far, I have received a yoga mat, several pieces of jewelry (one in which I wear every single day and don’t ever take off), makeup, dry shampoo, products, a power bank, etc. You do not receive samples, you get the real deal. You receive full sized products. I love it! I absolutely recommend it! I’m actually expecting my box very soon and I am tracking it online everyday because I am soooo excited!

Check it out with this link and see for yourself:

Click Here for $10 off your Welcome Box!!

StitchFix –

I was very skeptical about trying out one of those companies that sends you personalized outfits. However, I love clothes and accessories and shopping…so I pretty much had to. Right? Any excuse at this point…Ha! When you first sign up for Stich Fix you are given a very personal and detailed survey about yourself to share with your stylist so they can get a better understanding of what will work and compliment your body type. You can also link a board from Pinterest and/or your Instagram account so your stylist knows what personally interests and influences you.
When you receive your box inside is everything that you would need to ship anything that you do not wish to keep back. I love how easy they make this for you. They are based in California and they have great customer service.

When I took my survey, I was asked to choose a price point for several types of items that could potentially be sent (which can be adjusted at any time). I had no idea at all what I was getting myself into, so I set everything to the cheapest it could possibly be. Now keep in mind that if you keep all items that are sent you will get a discount on your total. If you send anything back, I believe you pay full price for what you do end up keeping.

I have absolutely loved, loved, loved everything that has been sent to me and I haven’t sent a single thing back. Everything fits me perfectly, which is crazy to me because I’m curvy and I don’t buy clothes online often and not usually pants because I have to try them on. Everything fits! These stylists really know their stuff and pay attention to their customers wants and needs. You can even put in a request for special occasions. They are up with the latest trends and they have the most beautiful colors and form-fitting flattering pieces. Also, you are in total control of when you want to receive your box(es).

Disclaimer: If you are on a budget, consider this. I put all settings to the absolute lowest price it could possibly be since I was simply testing things out. With that being said, it is highly unlikely that you will spend less than $100 per box. Whether you keep everything and get your discount or send something back. You are not only paying for the service, but also the brands.

Overall, it is a very fun company and I am a Huge fan. I do recommend it to anyone who loves to shop and who likes to layer pieces and incorporate accessories into their outfits. I recommend it to anyone who is daring and likes to try new trends. I also recommend it to anyone who maybe doesn’t have the time of day to put something together or to anyone who feels that they aren’t knowledgeable enough about fashion and have been too afraid to try it on their own and want some guidance.

The best part is they have options for women and men. Cool, right?

Check it out with this link and see for yourself:

Love With Food –

This ones for all my foodies out there!! This company is truly amazing and very affordable and even charitable. I originally found out about this company through a Fitbit competition at my previous job. The winner that month got a free box and I’m still jealous. Love With Food is basically a healthy snack box.

As stated on their site:

– No artificial flavoring, or MSG
– No trans fats and hydrogenated oils
– No high fructose corn syrup
– Snacks are natural, organic or gluten free

The concept of Love With Food is awesome. When you purchase the Tasting Box, priced at $7.99-$9.99, you will receive 7+ snacks and are donating 1 meal to a food bank. When you purchase the Deluxe Box, priced at $16.50-$19.95, you will receive 15+ snacks and are donating 2 meals to a food bank. When you purchase the Gluten-Free Box, priced at $19.99-$24.99, you will receive 10+ snacks and are donating 2 meals to a food bank. You can always shop on their site to repurchase any snacks that you fall in love with!

Check it out with this link and see for yourself:

Geek Fuel –

I’m completely letting my nerd show with this one. *Sigh… The only reason I signed up for this subscription was because I was promised a DOCTOR WHO surprise. Yeah, it turned out to be a tardis shower curtain. As much as I LOVE the Doctor, I do not have any desire at this time to have a Doctor Who themed bathroom or room. I have absolutely nothing against anyone who has a somewhat nerdy themed anything at all just so we’re clear.

The box also contained a Sylvester the Cat figurine which is so cute and took me down memory lane. There were even some collector’s items that I did not recognize and would have to look them all up because…I don’t know them. Now, I’m not saying that this wasn’t a fun box, it just isn’t something that I need. If you are a complete hardcore super-fan than I would recommend this to you completely. If you’re just like, meh, it might not be for you.

The PMS Package –

I personally have not tried this but I think this is a phenomenal idea. (Fellas, if you made it this far in the reading you’re champs). When that time of the month hits, it can go one of three ways for me. The first way being that I barely even notice and all is well, however the next time I might feel so nauseous that I cannot eat and can barely function, and then there are the times when I will literally eat everything and I don’t ever know which one I’m going to get, which sucks. One thing is for sure, I’m not usually in a shopping mood yet I have all of these wild cravings and to just have them delivered to your doorstep every month so you’re ready to tackle what comes your way is genius. If anyone has tried this please let me know how it was for you!

Try The World –

I have not tried this one either but it just sounds super cool. The whole concept is pretty much summed in the title. Each month you receive a box filled with treats from different countries around the world. Each box includes a sheet that informs you about the country and the different treats and the language that is spoken. I think this is a neat way to do some exploring without leaving your home and you might even finally decide on a place to use your passport.

Enjoy! Feel free to let me know if you try any of the above!

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