The Bitch is Back

November 2, 2017

I can’t believe it’s aready November!! Question… How many times may one use the term bitch in a single post? Asking for a friend… So, this may seem like I’m ranting on about myself, and for a little while, that’s exactly what I’m going to do…Story Time!

My Halloween sucked. It started off great, and then it just sucked. It isn’t the fact that I haven’t been to one single pumpkin patch or haven’t drank a single latte, hot chocolate, or Frappuccino, or the fact that I haven’t watched Hocus Pocus or any scary movies this season with the exception of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, but the thoughts alone certainly began to pile onto my sullen mood as the day was coming to an end. But what made my day go from great to gloomy? One word…bitch.

Let me give you some background info before I jump into story time. I have whole heartedly been meaning to do quite a few updating posts on how life is in Indiana and I do apologize for falling behind. I’ve been brainstorming on scraps of paper but haven’t been able to piece these puzzles together just yet. What I will say at this time, is that I am working in a corporate office. We can go over more of the details in a later post. What you need to know now is that one of my responsibilities is taking inventory and ordering supplies for I’d say easy about one hundred people or so. Trust me when I say that when supplies run low, I know about it, all damn day. But that’s another story and let’s not get distracted.

So, back to Halloween….Spoooooky…. The company I work for had a costume contest and even though I’ve only been employed for a little over two months now I thought it would be a great way to participate and perhaps meet some new faces, and I did….both. I wanted my costume to be unique so I did a lot of research on “last minute costumes.” Also, procrastinator. After days of looking I finally decided on “Kermit The Frog: The Meme.” I received a lot of compliments on my costume and I was really impressed myself with all the creativity that went into the other costumes. There was one girl in particular that complimented mine, we’ll call her Stan for privacy reasons, and I actually liked her costume as well. I thought Stan was so nice, but I was mistaken.

Kermit THe Frog: The Meme “But That’s None Of My Business”

A little after lunchtime, our delivery driver shows up and I hobble over with my bruised feet in my heeled boots to let him in the door periodically so he can line up all the boxes and crates of supplies. Now mind you, while the delivery is in process I am constantly checking items off my clipboard, squeezing behind the boxes and looking up, down, left and right for all the different placements of labels and making sure the quantity matches my paperwork while also checking to see if the driver is coming back up the ramp. Now I’m pretty sure Stan carried out a tall box, had to walk around me, and placed it by the door but I was more focused on my task to really think too much about it. This lady, older woman, was talking on the phone and we can call her Bob for privacy reasons. She walks towards me talking away. I couldn’t even tell you if I looked directly at her or if I only saw her out of the corner of my eye. I knew she was there, but again I’m more focused on the task to really care what other people are doing unless they interact with me. I’m just busting ass trying to get all the inventory checked in, and put away because I’ve got plenty of other things to do in a time crunch. So, as this woman is approaching, I must squat down in my heeled boots that make my feet feel bruised from heel to toe to check the boxes on the bottom of the tower. I’m assuming Bob wasn’t able to get between the table and I, so Bob had to walk around the table. Well when Bob finally got to the other side of the table, she let out one word, “bitch.” It was just loud enough that I could hear it clear as day. At first I thought perhaps she’s having an interesting conversation on the phone… And that’s when Stan, get this, popped up outta nowhere and was like “Yeah, you are.” My back was to them because I was still squatting and taking inventory, since that’s my job and all, but I was starting to really get the impression they were talking about me.

Now, I did exactly two things afterwards to get full confirmation for peace of mind. The first thing I did was when Bob came back into the building still on the phone, I looked her straight in the eyes, I had a completely blank facial expression but I showed her no fear. She just huffed and puffed and walked on by. Naturally that just wasn’t enough for me. So, I took a box and some crates and blocked people from walking in and out of my work space (so everyone had to walk around…which is common courtesy anyways) so that I could eliminate distractions and interruptions and none other than Stan came back out to get a box and I also looked her straight in the eyes and she let out the biggest most over dramatic (and I know drama, because, film degree) sigh of pure disgust and that right there confirmed all my worries. Bob had called me a “bitch.” Stan vocalized her agreement and then not very long after appeared to be gossiping with some coworkers that had been looking at me the entire time they were huddled in the corner on the opposite side of the room. They must’ve said some more nasty things because a kind gentleman in the room had turned in his seat to look over as the group had left to see to whom they were referring to. We made eye contact and then he turned back around.

When the realization had kicked In that Bob had indeed called me a “bitch” and Stan joined in and sort of ganged up on me and then gossiped with her posse when I literally wasn’t doing anything wrong with intention, I was a little emotional. At first I was emotional because nobody’s called me a bitch in a really long time and it shocked me and it was just such a touching moment. Kidding. Actually I was just so shocked that someone (an older woman) whom I don’t even know, literally couldn’t figure her name, department or job title and I have absolutely no reason at all to have any malicious feelings or actions towards, would have the audacity to say such a thing to a stranger and coworker. To make matters worse, I had to cover for a different coworker in the customer service area. I received a phone call from an angry man who yelled at me and barely let me get a word in. Now I was really upset but I held back as much as I could. On the drive back to the house I ate about half a bag of those miniature kit-kat bars, because they’re addicting and chocolate is comforting. I was so done with Halloween and everything else, that for dinner I had a brownie, and actually it was a pretty long brownie so in reality I had two brownies for dinner. I got cleaned up and went to bed real early. I didn’t even watch any of my Netflix fixes.

Here are the Spooky Halloween Oreo Brownies that I made…

My Halloween Cubicle Decor…

After having spent a night thinking about what that older woman had said to me, I might say that she is half right. However, I’m not a “bitch,” I’m a “Bitch.” That’s right, I’m a Bitch. How so? Let us start with the beginning of time. Not like cavemen and dinosaurs and all that jazz, but more along the lines of my own timeline. First of all, parents and sex is somewhat disturbing so shall we promise to never bring this up again? Okay, thanks. First of all, during ejaculation there are approximately 100,000,000 sperm released and only one has to make it to the egg. I was the one (and if you are reading this, you were also the one). That means 99,999,999 times I said “Nope. Today’s not your day.” I mean it’s crazy to think that there could potentially be that many opportunities to a life and endless combinations and you and I are the ones that made it out. Top bitches, am I right!? **High Five**

I once fell in love with my best guy friend at the time whom I was also dating for some time and then I found out about the wife he was hiding. What a knee slapper that was. I cried myself to sleep every night for two years, but you know what, I rolled back over every single morning and got out of bed. I got cleaned up, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, put on my makeup, put on a cute outfit and faked a smile and I went about my day. I worked two jobs putting over 140 miles on my car a day and I got my degree at the same damn time. Even though I felt the Earth crumbling beneath my feet with every step I took, I never gave up on me, because I’m one tough, hustling Bitch.

I decided that I wanted to explore new opportunities so I applied for a job In California. It didn’t work out so I just packed two suitcases and moved to Indiana instead to experience seasons. I’m an independent and occasionally a spur of the moment Bitch.

I once worked at a widely known motion picture rental house. I’ve met people that were turned down for jobs there. I’ve overheard people get turned down and I’ve first-hand seen people get turned down. I wasn’t one of them. The job that I hold now, well there were ten other interviewees seeking this job. I got it. I’m a successful Bitch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big sweetheart. I am passionate about helping others. I love animals and I would do anything for my family and friends. But I’m also a Bitch. I get things done.

And you know what, it’s not all about me. You’re one too. Now, there’s a difference between bitch and Bitch. Little bitches are those insecure people that bully others. Big Bitches are those who know how to juggle life confidently. You have an understanding of how cruel the world gets sometimes so you’re willing to help others but you don’t ever forget about number one, you. You know that life is short so you can kick back and have some fun but the hustle never dies. Which Bitch/bitch are you?

PSA: Everyone has bad days. However, it’s not okay to speak out in anger or to be cruel to people. You have no idea what any one person is going through or how they feel things or process things. You don’t know what will be someone’s last straw or what will drive them to their wits end. It’s important to be respectful of other people especially those you work with and around and those who serve you. I may be a Bitch, but I’m all about helping others up. You don’t have to help so much that you lose your place and fall behind, but don’t be the one that’s putting others down either.

Words have power. Use them wisely.

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