Should I stay or should I go?

February 28, 2017

Thinking about moving? You need a strategy.

The Logic

*Will this move will be beneficial for taking the next step in your career?

*Is there an amazing schooling opportunity that cannot be passed up?

*Does this move make financial sense?

Pros and Cons

+ Gain a new experience, challenge yourself, friends/family in the area, starting over somewhere new, make new friends, try new things, further your career, further your education

– There aren’t friends/family close by that you can rely on if a situation pops up, different type of weather, leave your life behind, leave friends/family

Financial Sense

Does this move truly make financial sense for you? Have you researched your field in each state along with the cost of living? There is a significant difference around the states. For example, a job bringing in an annual income of $70,000 in Florida is equivalent to that of $40,000 in California. You need to compare the tax difference as well. Weigh out all your options before settling.

It’s good to take a hard look at the cost of living in different areas even slightly out of your way from your job depending on your budget and all the necessities that you require and especially look out for the crime rate. Consider whether you are going to be renting an apartment or house, or purchasing a house.

Getting there

You’ll need to consider the cost of moving alone. Will you be hiring a moving company? Will you be renting a moving truck or van? Will you be boxing everything up and shipping it?

Will you be flying and cramming what you can into one suitcase and carry-on and be on your way? Or will you be selling and/or donating everything you have and purchasing in your new location?

If you choose to drive, is your car/truck/SUV up to date? Have you checked the tires, engine, breaks, windshield wipers? Is it worth it just to sell your vehicle and get a gently used or brand new one at your next location?

The Relationship(s)

Are you bringing your fur baby (or babies)?

Single – You are free to roam around so you should really consider making the move. You aren’t tied down and you should take advantage of that.

Significant Other – As much as you may love them, you cannot allow that to hold you back. If you are offered the opportunity of a lifetime and you know that it won’t happen again or that it won’t ever get better than that one you should think about taking it. You should talk to your significant other about it often.

*Will they be making the move with you?

*Will you be maintaining a long-distance relationship?

*Will you be taking a break or calling it quits?

*If the tables are turned would you be willing to relocate for your significant other to support their big opportunity? If so what does this new land have to offer you? If you aren’t leaving the state would you be willing to commute to your job?

*Is this somewhere you can picture the two of you taking your relationship to the next level?

Married – This one is a serious decision that will require an agreement between both people involved in the relationship.

*Will there be work opportunities for the both of you?

*What is the new atmosphere like?

*Is this where you want to place your roots?

Have kids – This is going to be a tougher call and you’ll have to consider much before making any decisions.

*Would you be pulling your kid(s) out of school away from their favorite teacher(s), all their friends and set schedule? If possible you should at least wait until the current school year is over but it doesn’t always work out that way. When I was about three or four my family moved across the state and I was so worried and stressed out that patches of my hair would fall out. Any type of moving experience weighs heavy on children so don’t take this decision lightly.

*What schooling experiences are available in the new area? What are the ratings?

*Is the new neighborhood family oriented? How far is the nearest park or playground?

Things you’ll need to look into –


*Are you up to date with transferable college credits?

*You’ll have to update or cancel any and all subscriptions and credit cards.

*If this is a permanent move you should update your driver’s license.

There is so much to consider before moving that it can be mind boggling. It helps to make a pros and cons list. If you move out of state calculate how much you’ll be making and how much will be taken out with taxes. Then calculate how much more would be taken out with insurance and any monthly payments that you will have. How much do you have left over for groceries, household items, and entertainment? Do you feel that you would be comfortable taking care of a situation that pops up? Would you be able to cover the charges?

If you are moving away from family, you need to have “The Talk.” If this move does not work out is it okay to come back? More often than not, you might find the room filled with hysterical laughter. It’s important to know that you can always come home as long as you have a plan to not be a mooch. It is equally important to discuss how it will be if this move does work out.

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