Make Money Quick: Part Two

March 25, 2017

Hello weekend! Today is the day that my neighbors and I finally had our yard sales. Hooray! As planned I totally hit $100 before most people rolled out of bed.

My morning was off to an early start. My mom and I began setting up around seven and our neighbor had gone out to put the signs up at about eight. My mom was nervous that people weren’t rushing in soon enough, so she decided to run up to our local Publix to get some balloons to attract customers. So once again, she leaves me, alone…just feeds me to the wolves. However, she did bring back doughnuts…I ain’t mad.

Soooooo, here’s how my day went and some more tips on how to make your yard sale even better:


Believe it or not, as very little as we have had yard sales, and as far spread apart as they are, we do get repeating customers. It is a nice way to meet interesting people in your community that you normally wouldn’t talk to or ever run into. Yard sales are a great way to build up your people skills while also making money. Today I also saw someone that I hadn’t seen in years and it was nice to catch up.

Disclaimer: I have not personally had this issue but I know of a few people that have. If someone ever asks to use your bathroom or if they can go inside to try something on, don’t let them. Don’t allow them into your home out of the goodness of your heart, because they are more than likely taking advantage of you and will probably rummage through your medicine cabinets (true story) and who knows what else. I’m just saying.


Presentation is absolutely everything. On days like this gorgeous Florida day, it gets HOT HOT HOT, and if people have to look too hard at what you’re selling, they won’t be that interested. For example, if you have DVDs or books in a box, don’t stack them. They need to be placed on their sides so that people can read the titles and just scan through. If they don’t all fit then use multiple boxes or take them out and then stack them neatly.

I laid the majority of my clothes out on a tarp. Dresses, blazers, rompers, and purses were hung on our tent. My mom hung most of her clothes as well. I lined up my shoes between two posts on the tent so they were easily accessible.


Today was the first time that a customer got really confrontational and pretty much made a scene in my yard. Sometimes this happens and it sure isn’t fun. So, this is what you really need to pay attention to if you host your own yard sale. If customers show up in a group of people, take a mental note. Don’t have a stare down with them, but definitely pay attention. Some may try to fight about prices and distract you from the others. It’s always good to have other people hosting and assisting at your sale just because it’s too difficult to have your eyes everywhere and to show immediate attention to all buyers. If someone does get confrontational, just keep your cool, be polite but firm, and keep it moving. Make sure you are keeping track of all items that are being picked up.

I ran into another situation a little bit later. The crowds had slowed down, my mom took a break to visit our neighbor’s yard sale, and it was almost time to think about wrapping it up. Two young girls pulled up and went straight to the clothes. One girl purchased a shirt and the other girl had only mentioned the possibility of doing so. She acted as if it were time to leave but the girl who did purchase started to look at something else. When the “possibility” girl turned back to her friend I noticed that the possible purchase was folded under her arm. So I said “Oh were you getting one too?” Her friend looked at her confused and then told her the price of the shirt. The “possibility” girl then told her friend that she had thought that she had paid for both because she had “said earlier” (so did not say earlier) that she had left her money in the vehicle. She ended up going back to get the money, but it’s pretty obvious what was going on. LITTLE GIRL do not try me. Haha


It still amazes me how someone can pick up something that is in mint condition, and I’m talking no stains, no holes, no pulls, no stretching or shrinking, literally nothing bad ever happened to it and $1-$3 is “too expensive.” I know, I know, it’s a garage sale and not an art gallery, but seriously…. People want it all for nothing. It is ridiculous. There were some things that I downright refused to haggle on because I just wasn’t in the mood, but there were a lot of really nice people that I did end up working with who purchased in bulk. You just have to feel out the situations.

I alone made $145.25. I am pretty pleased with my earnings.

What does not get sold, gets donated!

Now go clean out your closets and see if you can make some sweet mula!!

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